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Top 14 Wedding Hairstyles for Long Hair

Like everything else, you’ll probably want your hairstyle to look awesome on your wedding too. If you are still unsure about the wedding hairstyle that you must choose then we can lend you a helping hand. The first thing that you have to see is the length of your hair. In this article, we will guide you about the wedding hairstyles that you can choose for long hair. Let’s get started.

1. Fancy Fishtail:

A fishtail braid can be a lovely hairstyle for the long hair. You can get some of your hair tied in a nice fishtail and leave the rest of the hair loose. Your fishtail braid will also get mixed with the loose hair from bottom, giving you a neat and classic look. Check out the picture below to get a better idea about the hairstyle that is being talked about.

2. On the side:

Managing your hair on one side with the help of pins can be another hairstyle that you can consider for your wedding day. Most of your hair will cover your shoulder. You can use a fancy clip to give your hair a tight group in the middle of the hair so they won’t get back to the normal position. This hairstyle will make you look different from your normal routine and we are sure this is what you would be looking for on your big day.

3. Pony up:

A simple pony for long but straight hair can look wonderful if it neatly made and given the finished look by wrapping the strands of hair as a knot. Such a hairstyle is easy to make and can keep you easy-going on your wedding rather than getting tensed about your hairstyle and how to handle it throughout the function.

4. Crowning your hair:

You are a queen on your wedding. Why not show it to other too? You can simply tie up your hair and get a beautifully made crown to wear at the top of your head. Making such a look will not take much of the audience’s attention on your hair, as everyone will be busy with applauding your crown and the essence of being a queen.

5. Flower Arrangement:

Using flowers on your head is going to look beautiful. Flowers on a wedding are a symbol of love and long lasting friendship so can use this symbolism in your attire too. You can leave your hair untied and get a crown like flower arrangement on your head. If your wedding gown is of colors other than white then you can surely get the matching or contrast combination of flowers especially designed by your florist to get yourself a different look on your important day.

6. Up do with a few strands on sides:

Your wedding hairstyle is going to be remembered by you for your entire life, so try and get it done beautifully. One of the ideas of getting your long hairstyles on your wedding is to go for an up do. But try and leave a few strands out and spray them with the hair spray so that they can stay on your sides, giving you a sophisticated look on your wedding.

7. Curls:

If you think that your hair is too straight and long to get into any shape, then you can go for half curls. Curling your long hair from the middle to ends will give them volume and a gorgeous look, which will be definitely praised by your friends and family.

8. V-cut hairstyle:

If you are comfortable with getting a haircut to shape up your long hair to make a good wedding hairstyle, then you can go for a V-curt. A v-cut actually makes your hair look like a V when seen from the back. With such a hairstyle, you won’t need to get, them styled especially. However, you cannot use this hairstyle if you don’t like different lengths of your hair or if you are unsure about cutting the long length to the shorter one.

9. Side Braid:

Another wedding style that you can think of for your wedding day is getting side braid. You can make a braid on one side and leave the rest of the hair plain and loose. You can also for one braid on each side too. Such a hairstyle will leave you enough room to wear your favorite earrings that are matching with your gown on your wedding. Gold earrings can also be an option to consider.

10. Braids around your head:

You don’t always need a crown or a flower arrangement to make your hairstyle look special. You can also go for side braids and tie them up around your head so that they would give the shape of a crown. Believe us the natural crown will be able to grab more attention from your friends than any other hairstyle.

11. Total Twist:

If you have long hair but don’t want them loose on your wedding day, then you can also go for a sleek twist. This will tie up all your hair with a neat look left behind. Such a hairstyle is also a workable solution if you are expecting winds on your wedding day or if you have chosen an open location like lawns or gardens for getting married.

12. Knotted Twist Bun:

Are you bored from the general simple bun that brides usually go for on your wedding? Are you looking for a different type of bun that can give you a stylish look along with the traditional hairstyle that is expected by the brides to be taken up? We have a suggestion for you in this regard. You can go for knotted twist bun. This knotted twist bun will help you in managing your long hair on your wedding day. Additionally, it will make you look like a film heroine, making you look even more special.

13. Side swept bun:

Another alternative to the simple bun on your wedding is the side swept bun. If you are unsure of how to get it done, and then let us tell you that, it is not much different from the simple bun. However, in this wedding hairstyle, you’ll have to get your bun adjusted sideways. Yeah, if you haven’t practiced that before you might find it difficult to crack on that special day. You can ask for help from a specialist for making it perfect for you.

14. Loose Waves:

Curling your straight and long hair might take too much time but you can definitely get them a bit wavy in considerably less time than curling up the entire length of hair. Your wavy hair can be kept loose or tied with a pin just to keep them in place. However, if you want them properly tied, you can also go for bun made from the wavy hair. But in any case, you’ll look stunning.

In this article, we have tried to mention a few wedding hairstyles for you if you have long hair. It is not necessary that you should get such a hairdo done only if you are a bride. You can also get these hairstyles if your best friend is getting married. Obviously, that is a big day for her and you too.

One of the things that you would like to consider while making the choice about your hairstyle is the length of your hair. Additionally, the accessories that you have chosen and your gown will also help you in making your decision about the hairstyle that you are going to carry. If you are having a veil with your gown, then tying up hair might seem good to you whereas if you are going for no veil gowns, then leaving your hair a bit lose can make you look fantastic too.

In any case, you must go for the hairstyle that will keep you comfortable and would not require your additional energies in keeping your hair look the same throughout the day. Seeking a help from the professional can also get you easily managed hair. Best of luck with your decision!

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