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Protecting Your Skin from the Harsh Weather of Winter

Winter weather can really wreak havoc on your skin. Fortunately,

there are some ways to protect your skin from the harshness of

winter. To help keep your skin feeling its best this winter, try

these tips.

Lower the Thermostat

Central heating causes dry air. In fact, the more you heat your

home, the drier your home's air is likely to become. This drier air

then dries out your skin. To help lessen the effect, lower your

thermostat by a couple of degrees.


Moisturizing is important during the winter months-especially

after washing your hands and bathing as both remove your skin's

natural oils. To ensure your skin doesn't dry out, always moisturize

after washing.

Limit Shower Temperature

While moisturizing your skin after showering definitely helps, it is

also important that when you shower, you don't set the water

temperature too high. Showering in very hot water washes away

more of your skin's natural oils, which can lead to dry, irritated


Get a Humidifier

Though buying a humidifier can be costly, it is a worthwhile

investment if you suffer from very dry skin in the wintertime.

Increasing your home's humidity will also help prevent your nose

from drying out, reducing your risk of nosebleeds.

There you have it. By lowering the thermostat, moisturizing,

limiting shower temperature, and getting a humidifier, your skin

should feel far less dry and irritated during the winter months.

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