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Battling dandruff? You may be doing these 4 things

If you have been struggling to control your dandruff, but aren't

making any real strides toward a dandruff-free scalp, then you

may be making some mistakes while showering. Before giving up

on your quest for a flake-free scalp, take a moment and ask

yourself if you are committing any of these four dandruff-causing

showering mistakes.

1. Do you scratch your scalp while lathering shampoo?

While a good scalp scratch can feel amazing, try to resist the

temptation to scratch your scalp as you lather your shampoo.

Vigorous scratching can lead to an irritated, flaking scalp, which

can then lead to a vicious cycle of more scratching and yet more

flakes. Instead of scratching your scalp while lathering shampoo,

use your fingertips to massage your scalp until you achieve a good


2. Do you shower in overly-hot water?

If you enjoy very hot showers, especially during the dreary days of

winter when skin tends to dry out, you may want to turn down the

water temperature a bit as overly-hot showers aren't the best

thing for your scalp. Showering in very hot water leaves your scalp

stripped of its natural oils and thus, more prone to flaking.

3. Do you avoid using conditioner on your root area?

Many people followa routine where they shampoo their roots,

then condition the remainder of their hair. This routine, however,

leaves the skin of their scalp needlessly dry and more prone to

flaking. Conditioning the entire length of your hair, including the

root area, leaves the scalp hydrated and less likely to flake.

4. Do you shampoo your hair on an infrequent basis?

While shampooing too often can damage your hair, shampooing

too infrequently will allow skin cells to accumulate on your scalp.

The more skin cell accumulations, the more the buildup of skin

will start to flake off in the form of dandruff.

If you think infrequent shampooing could be the cause of your dandruff

problems, then consider shampooing your hair more often than

you currently do.

Though there are several other possible reasons for your dandruff

problems, it is certainly worth rethinking how you shower if you've

been making any of the previously mentioned mistakes while

showering. After all, if some minor changes to your showering

routine might solve your dandruff problems, then making those

minor changes is without a doubt worth a shot.

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