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A Brief Look at Common Nail Problems

Certain nail problems are so common that most people will

experience them at some point or another. Despite how common

the problems are, however, people don't always know the reason

for such problems or what, if anything, should be done to fix their

latest nail crisis. Here is a brief look at three common nail

problems, plus some advice regarding their possible solutions.

1. Your nails have white marks.

It's very common for white marks to appear on nails. Though minor

trauma is the most common cause of white marks, such marks can

also be caused by excess calcium consumption. Whenever white

marks appear on your nails, the best thing to do is wait for the

marks to naturally grow out. Trying to buff off or file such marks

from the surface of your nails will do nothing to solve the issue

and may lead to affected nails becoming more brittle.

2. Your nails crack while being filed.

Filing in a back and forth "sawing" motion is the most common

culprit for nails cracking while being filed. To help minimize the

problem, always file your nails in a smooth motion from the same

direction. A common strategy that can prevent cracked nails is

filing each nail starting from its outer edge then moving inward

toward the middle section of the nail. Repeat this action from

both sides of each nail until your nails have been filed into your

preferred shape.

3. Your nails have vertical ridges.

While certain nutrient deficiencies can cause vertical ridges to

appear on your nails, the most common cause of vertical ridges is

aging. Thankfully, in most cases, such ridges are harmless and

require no action. If you feel compelled to get rid of the vertical

ridges on your nails, don't risk weakening your nails by trying to

file off the ridges. Instead, smooth out the surface of your nails

with a ridge filler, then apply a regular colored polish or a clear

top coat if desired.

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