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15 popular hairstyle trends for women

Updated: Jun 29, 2020

Change is the only constant thing in this world. Think a bit and we are sure you’ll agree. So, keeping this statement in mind, you’ll be probably looking for a different hairstyle for your daily routine and special occasions too. Isn’t it? We know that finding a different hairstyle every now and then to keep yourself lively and sparkling is a bit difficult. But don’t worry. We are here to help. We’ll provide you with 15 different hairstyles in this article that are trending and you can use them at different occasions to look beautiful and different.

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Here are the 15 popular hair trends for 2018 that can make you look stunning and will give you a different look altogether:

High Half Pony:

If you are looking for a tidy look with your hair, then a high half pony can be the look of your choice. You can also wrap a strand of hair around the ponytail to give a stylish look to a simple but sophisticated look. One of the other advantages of this popular hairstyle is that it makes the hair manageable and you don’t worry about getting them straight after every few minutes.

O.k. Maybe not this dramatic, but great INSPIRATION

Clipped back curls:

Clipped back curls can give your hair a neat look that can enhance the overall impact of your personality. You can easily consider using this hairstyle on a specific occasion. Despite it being simple and easy to make, it is one of the trending hairstyles’. You need to give your front hair a bit volume, tie them up with a hair clip and curl the ends of your hair in a way that they can be visible from the backside. So, you can expect your hair to get a dual look if you choose clipped back curls.

Flower Power

Flower-supported hairstyle:

If you have straight hair or if you have straighten them up for a function and you are looking to tie them with sophistication, then you can use a flower barrette to hold your hair and make you look like a super model. You can easily wear this hairstyle in a wedding function.

Sleek half up bun:

If you have a little time to dress up but you can’t leave your hair without tying them up, then sleek half up bun is one of the popular hairstyles that you can use. You need to grab half of your hair volume wise to get them in to a nice bun and leave the rest of them untied. Such a hairstyle will make your hair look styled but at the same time, you won’t look overdressed for a simple formal event.

Centre parted and wavy:

Planning out with friends and not sure how to make up your hair? We suggest getting them centre parted and tie them up in a loose manner. Doing so will give the ends of your hair a wavy look. In case your hair too straight for getting a wavy look, then you can use your curler in a mild way to give them a little wave that would make you look beautiful.

Beach Waves:

Going on a close wedding function? You can go for beach wave’s hairstyle. this hairstyle is easy to make and can go with anything that you have planned to wear on the wedding function. By adding a little way to the ends of your hair, you can turn them wavy. After which you just need to pull your hair over your shoulders, so that everyone can see the real wave.

Princess Braid Style

Twirled up-do:

If you are attending a formal event, where your long hair cannot go open, and then just try the twirled updo. Going for this hairstyle will definitely make your style remembered for a long time. One of the tips while considering this hairstyle on any occasion is that you should keep your make up very light. This is because after spending a significant amount of time on the neat updo, you’ll probably want everyone to focus on your hair than your makeup.

Updo with side bangs:

You can go for a simple updo but make sure you should keep your side flick out of the hair that you sort out for updo because keeping them out as a flick or bangs will make your entire hairstyle sophisticated and properly carried. One of the things that you should consider for making this hairstyle is that you should have a freshly dyed colour on your hair because this fresh dye will make your side bangs loo cool and more significant.

Bun with flowers:

If flowers are your passion and you want to keep them in your hair too, then bun with flowers is the trending hairstyle that you can choose. You need to make a simple but neat bun so that you can arrange a bunch of nice looking and beautiful flowers in it. You can use hairpins to get them fixed in your hair in a way that would give others’ a look that the flowers are holding up your entire bun. However, keep that in mind that neatness in the bun is essential for getting the best look.

Smooth and straight:

If you have long hair, you can simply go for the smooth and straight look. You can straighten up your hair with the straightener and leave them open with a few strands going over your shoulder. We are sure that such a simple hairstyle will also make you look different if you are not used to of opening up hair generally. If you don’t them at front, then you can also tuck them behind your ears.

Finger Waves:

The finger waves are particularly difficult to make but once completed you’ll probably enjoy this look of yours. Such a look usually looks best when you have healthy looking but short hair. You can get help of a specialist in hair doing to get this finger waves look for your hair.


You can use the headbands in a variety of ways. One of the hair trends 2018 is that you can wear the hair band a little up your forehead and leave your hair loose. A messy look with the headband will be appreciated by your social circle. So try it once especially if you have the medium length hair.

Low Chignon:

Low chignon can be made to formal events. We are sure that this look of yours’ will make you standout of the rest of the attendees of the event. Low chignon is different from the other chignon hairstyles as in this hairstyle the hair knot is present at the base of neck, providing you with the necessary elegance.

Rosebud bun:

Have you ever seen a rosebud bun? If not then you should definitely look for this style on the web, because this will definitely drive you crazy if you have long hair enough to make a bun of it. Choosing this hairstyle with a nice gown in light colours will make you look like a princess, so if the event you are getting ready for allows such sophistication, you should definitely go for it.

Braided crowns:

The last style that we are discussing hear for you is the braided crowns. Although, this hairstyle is not very simple but it is not as difficult or expensive as the name suggests. You need to get side braids of your long hair and then tie them up in a way that both the braids will give a crown shape to your hair. The best part is that you can make more than one hairstyles just by learning this hairdo. How? Just make your braids with a different style every time you go for this hairstyle and them tie them in the same way. The different style of the braid will give the different look that we were talking about.

Above are highlighted only a few hairstyles that are trending now in the women fashion. However, the number of styles that can be taken up by the women are not only limited to these. You can choose different hairstyle from the hair trends 2018 to give yourself a unique look every time you go out. One of the aspects to remember about is the length of your hair because the hair length has a direct impact on the style that you choose. Additionally, you should take good care of your hair this winter so that you can choose one of the trending hairstyles’ mentioned above without any hesitation. The women’s hairstyle trending now can definitely help you in making your choice. So go ahead and choose the style that would suit your occasion.

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