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We are the premier hair salon near you in Burnsville, MN offering you a wide range of hair styling services and products to give you the look you want. With an extensive selection we’ve got you covered for whatever you need. Our master stylists are friendly, welcoming and have over 250 combined years of hair care experience. We service all hair types. We are proud to call ourselves a well-rounded leader in providing diversified and quality haircare - no matter the texture, length or style. 


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Sunday:  9am - 8:30pm

*Our hours show available appointment times for scheduling. Walk-ins are accepted when a stylist is available. We do not guarantee walk-in availability. Reserve your appointment or call our reception for same-day availability or easily book your appointment start time in as little as 15 minutes.

Bright Red Lipstick

All-over color

Hair Length: 

Short 10 inches or less $75

Medium 10-16 inches $115

Long/thick 16+ inches $150

Highlights &




Short 10 inches or less $80

Medium 10-16 inches $115

Long/thick 16+ inches $150

Kids Highlight $60


Short 10 inches or less $65 

Medium 10-16 inches $85

Long/thick 16+ inches $115

Kids Partial Highlight $45

Bleach and Tone

Retouch/Root $90

Short 10 inches or less $90

Medium 10-16 inches $150

Long/thick 16+ inches $165


Short 10 inches or less $89

Medium 10-16 inches $115

Long/thick 16 inches + $150

Luxury Color


All Lengths $150


All Lengths $150


All Lengths $150

Bleach Wash/ 

Color Remover

Changed current hair color and improve through restoring, removal or neutralizing.

Starting at $75

*Prices may vary based on length, thickness, condition of hair, and style requested.

Hair Wash


$40 Women

$32 women (with another service)
$25 men

$21 men (with another service)

$17 kids (Ages 12 and under)


For extra curly/natural hair, Thermal straightening may be required along with blow-dry, wash and finally the haircut. Together it is $110 and should take up to 2 hours. 


$10 Bangs, Neck Trim 

Fashionable Purple Short Hair

Hair Styling

Wash/Blowout + Basic Style  $40

Wash/Blowout + Detailed Style  $75

Wash/Blowout + Thermal Styling  $110

Kids Wash/Blowout+ Basic Style $30 

Kids Wash/Blowout + Detailed Style $45

Kids Wash/Blowout + Thermal Styling $110


Bridal Hair

Starting at $160

brazillian blowout.jpg

Brazilian Keratin Treatment*

Short-Medium Hair Length  $150

Opti-Smooth Permanent Straightening 

Starting at $160

Similar to a relaxer treatment and gentle on the hair. Produces smooth straight hair.


Short Hair $120

Medium Length Hair  $135

Long/Thick Hair  $160



Not sure on an exact hair color or treatment and want your hairstylist's advice? Let our pros be your guide with a 15 minute in-depth consultation tailored to your hair goals.

Hair Treatment Mask

Professional Bonding Repair Treatment  $21


This mask *actually* re-bonds the hair. You can't get this at home folks. Best for colored, bleached, frail, brittle, or dry hair. Any hair will turn out smoother and exponentially healthier than before. All hair types benefit from the repairing skills of this mask. Turning out smoother than before, stop the breakage and get a salon quality texture in only 15 minutes. 

Deep Repair Mask  $21

Brown Hair

Full Face Wax 

Men $50

Women $46


Men $10

Women $30

Lips, Nose, Sideburns

Men $12

Women $12


Men $18

Women $12


Men $10

Women $10


Eyelash Tint  $25

Eyebrow Tint $40

Eyebrow Wax
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